Are Men Balding Younger than Ever?

bald-manIn a recent study, it’s been found that over 60% of men experience a significant decrease in self confidence when they begin losing hair. If you are one of the many, chances are you know this decline in confidence all too well. But it appears that hair loss in men is beginning at earlier ages than ever before. According to current research, there are a variety of reasons for the developing pattern, and this hair loss is affecting younger and older men alike all over the world.

These studies have shown that an over two thirds of men begin experiencing some form of hair loss by the age of thirty-five. Genetics typically plays a predominant role in hair loss, making male patterned baldness one of the most common causes. Male pattern baldness, however, is not the only cause for hair loss, which is why it is extremely important for you to determine what may actually be behind the hair thinning you are experiencing.

What is the best way to uncover the cause of your hair thinning? Of course, having a discussion with your doctor (who is preferably a dermatologist experienced in hair loss) is the first step. However, there are a few signals you should be aware of that may indicate your hair loss is being caused by something else.

Many doctors may diagnose male pattern baldness by sight, which typically presents as hair loss that leaves remaining hair growth in the area of the temples and the back of the head. If your hair loss does not occur in the common pattern (is spread out evenly throughout your entire head, for example), you could possibly be experiencing a form of hair loss caused by an underlying health issue.

According to the Carolyn Jacobs, M.D., the founder of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, “Hormonal and nutritional deficiencies, such as thyroid problems, low iron, or low protein can cause shedding.”

Complications can often arise when determining the cause of hair loss in younger men because male pattern baldness may not be obvious as hair loss first begins. This is why it is recommended that younger men visit a dermatologist that specializes in hair loss to determine if there are any additional underlying causes.

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