Hair Building Fibers FAQ

How often do I need to re-order more hair building fibers?
This would obviously depend upon how many times you use the hair building fibers and how much you use each time. On average though, a person with moderate to medium hair loss, using the hair building fibers on a daily basis, a bottle should last the entire month.

Can I still add gel to my hair with the hair building fibers in place?
Yes! Once the hair building fibers have bonded to your existing hair, you may lose some of the fibers when applying gel (just due to the dampness of the gel), but you won’t lose that much, if any. If it rains, will streaks come down my face if use hair building fibers and go out in the rain? Absolutely not. Although the fibers do rinse out in the shower, there’s no streaking or anything like that, that would make it noticeable that you are using the product. This applies to sweating as well.

How well do the fibers match my existing hair?
Extremely well. We have a large selection of different hair building fiber colors to match anyone’s hair color.

Frequent Questions on Hair Fibers to Cover Hair Loss
How long does a jar of last?
Approximately 30 and 45 days dependent on use. Simply shake (with the lid screwed on) to gauge how much you have left. Do not leave yourself short.

Will the fibres become dislodged?
Applied correctly, can be used to conceal hair loss with confidence. We recommend applying a layer of fibres, followed by a few short bursts of Locking Mist to hold them in place. This should then be repeated for extra volume.

Are safe to use with hair re-growth formulas such as Minoxidil?
Yes. These special keratin hair fibers are completely non-toxic and do not interfere with any other topical formulations that you may be using. are simply cosmetic preparation.

Can stain clothes or bed linen for example?
No. Our keratin fibers are 100% color fast so no dye is transferred to clothes, bed linen or your scalp. If the fibres drop onto a surface, simply dust them away with a dry hand.

My hair is greying slightly – Are suitable?
Yes. You should sprinkle the main color first (e.g. black, brown, blonde etc) followed by a sprinkling from a grey (or white) container. The hair fibres are completely dry and will intermingle perfectly. This method can be used with any color combination (e.g. highlights).

How do I choose a color?
Use the color chart provided to find the closest suitable match for your hair color, remembering that you can easily mix colors for different combinations (e.g. slightly greying hair or highlights)

What do I do if the color I have chosen is the wrong match for my hair?
We understand that when you first order, it can be difficult choosing a color that suits you. If this happens, simply send the jar of back to us and we will swap it for an alternative color for no extra cost.

How is packaged and delivered? uses discreet packaging and is mailed out in non-marked boxes, so no-one will ever know you’re using!

Does it look natural? looks completely natural, in fact, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, if you’re not completely satisfied with the way that look.

Can I comb my hair after applying
Yes but using a wide toothed comb. It is more for shaping than fine grooming. Most people just use their hand and fingers to pat their style into place.

Can I use hair products, like gel, with
For best results apply to dry hair. If a styling product is necessary, style hair first then apply the fibres. Wet look gels/waxes may cause the fibres to clump and prevent them from attaching to the hair as designed.

How long after application will last?
They will remain in the hair until the next shampoo wash.

Can I use a hairdryer after applying
If Locking Mist has been applied, strong wind or a hairdryer would not dislodge the fibres – however, since should always be applied to dry hair, we do not recommend blow-drying.